"You don't take a photograph. You make it." ~ Ansel Adams It's that time again. I am so excited for the next run of my kids photography class. It is so much fun to teach these littles about how to compose things properly or how to try and be creative. Furthermore they are like sponges and inevitably they end up teaching me something as well! What I love about it is that they come willing to learn this awesome craft of photography. You never know who will be inspired to become the next Ansel Adams.

Kids Photography Class

So if you have a child itching to learn the art of photography then come on out and let us have some fun! It's always exciting to see what they come up with. The class only lasts two hours but it's jam packed full of information and fun experimenting with the camera.

Wondering if I will add an adults class to the schedule? If you want to take my adults class then please contact me today so I can let you in on my little secret.

If you would like to schedule a time for me to come out and take wonderful portraits of you and your family then please let me know! Spring is coming fast and my schedule is filling up quickly!

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