Ok so today I was thinking about why and how I have the motivation to take pictures of my kids every day. Well, almost everyday. People always ask me how I do it. What camera do I have and what lenses? But people seem to forget to ask me why I do it. Is it because they know the why behind my projects or that they can presume to know the why? Do I really talk about it all that much that people don't even need to ask me because they already know why I do it? That is entirely possible! The "why" is almost the more important question isn't it? Would you do it? Could you do it? First we must figure out the "why" behind taking pictures of your everyday life and then we must figure out the "how" to do it part next. My life is a series of activities that are brought on mainly as a result of my work related activities and my kid related activities. Don't get me wrong, I love my work. And as my work is something that is literally documenting everyday lives of other people, I find that I almost have a greater need to photograph the needs of my family even more. And I think I enjoy it more only for the obvious reason. It's my own family and my loves! What can go wrong with that?

How to take pictures of your everyday | Placerville Everyday-Children Photographer

Why do I do it? Why is it important? And, why should you do it?

Well all of those questions are completely acceptable to ask but in all honesty they will be different for different people. I know for me, I want to take pictures of my everyday life so that we have a visual memory of our lives. I want my kids to know, when they get older and look back at these photos, that our lives are not perfect. Our lives are everyday messes and struggles and triumphs and joys. Documenting all the fun things with the not-so-fun things will help us remember that there are always going to be struggles in life and you will get through them eventually. When we leave these types of things up to our memory, sometimes our memory will fail. I don't want to take that chance. I want my kids to know they were loved and cared for and appreciated to the best of our ability. Please don't take this to mean that I think without this there is a loss in one's life. But for me, I not only want to do this for my kids, I need to do this for my kids. It's important to me.

So you decided that you want to do it too! How do you get started?

Ok so as I always tell the kids that take my beginning photography classes, it's not about the fancy camera or the equipment, it's about the ability to use that equipment to its fullest. Now, I won't go much farther than this other than to say that yes, better equipment will bring sharper and possibly- I dare say- better images, however it's all in the user and the ability and nothing else to make certain images great. But for the purposes of your own project, you could do whatever you like! Mobile smart phones now-a-days have really nice quality cameras in them and there are tons of places to edit those photos (pic-tap-go anyone?) and tons of places to display those photos (Instagram and Facebook?) There are tons of ways to get it done. It just takes dedication. And for heavens sakes please be forgiving of yourself if you miss a day. It's ok. No one will tell on you. There are no cameras in the sky looking down on you telling someone that you are a failure. No one cares. Place your own rules on your own project.

I have to warn you though that photography can be quite addicting so please don't blame me if you get sucked in! It's just a matter of time. (Psst. Don't forget that I teach adult beginners photography classes too!) For some basics you can go ahead and check out my series on how to take a better photos. There are some really great tips in there! Make sure to read all three posts so you get the full benefit.

Now, do your images have to be great to be worthy? Um, that is a big fat no. Take it from someone who has been doing a 365 project for a while now (taking a picture a day for an entire year) that you don't need to be great to accomplish your goal.

How to take pictures of your everyday | Placerville Everyday-Children Photographer

Now what do you do with all those pictures?

Unbelievably most people love taking the photos but then they don't do a thing with them. That just drives me crazy! Ok, so for full disclosure here I have dreams of doing things with my pictures too but I have a few excuses that are not the same as yours as to why it has not happened for me yet! But really, get those photos off your computer and into print. You won't regret you did.

Print them at your local store and place them in a traditional photo album. This, although to me the most boring way, is still a great way to get your photos in print. It provides a way for them to be seen everyday if you wanted! Isn't that the goal here anyways? You can always try printing an album, by month or my year or by week! It depends on what your dream for those photos are! Table top books make great discussion pieces when guests come over to visit. You can get these in so many places like Blurb.com or even Shutterfly.com. They may not be the most quality places to get your work printed but they get the job done and they are very inexpensive pending what you want included in that album. Put them on your walls!! Make collages of small prints and hang them proudly. All those embarrassing moments will never be forgotten if they are in print. Each time you walk by you can laugh or cry or just be sentimental. Photos tend to do that to people. Mushy mushy.

But what about those times you aren't that confident and you want a professional to do the job for you? Well, duh! That's where I come in to play! I can take professional portraits of your family that you will cherish for years to come. My clients never regret giving people quality portraits as a gift or having them hung up in their home.

How to take pictures of your everyday | Placerville Everyday-Children Photographer

And don't forget that from now until April 20th I am having a contest for free stuff so please don't forget to take a look at that while you are here! I love doing this for people and I can't wait to do this for you! Contact me today so we can schedule your complimentary consultation and talk about your dream session.

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