A FUN photography session where the kids will behave and giggle, your husband watches his favorite sports game or tinkers with his car and you don't have to preplan or coordinate your family's clothing? Let's do it! 

Let's check out your options: 

Option A: Annual Membership program (BEST DEAL)

  • $1,200 upfront cost (or three easy payments of $400 for 3 months).
  • TWO full short story sessions during a 12 month period (after signing up). 
  • That's just the beginning! Contact me for the detailed benefits to this package.

Option B: Family Film Sessions

The sounds of laughter and small voices in everyday life that pictures cannot reproduce. What family activities do you want captured in a movie?

Film sessions include:

  • Cost $500
  • 2 hours of my time and talent with your family during your day or event. 

  • Includes a high resolution copy of the film for immediate download once finished.

Option C: Short Story Session

Let me photograph your cuddles, snuggles, tears and bear hugs. What emotions do you want captured in photographs?

Short Story Sessions include:

  • Cost $375 
  • Includes my time and talent during the session (about 2 hours).

  • $200 print credit to go towards products at the in-person ordering appointment.

Do you want to see just what you can get for your money? Check it out. Framed prints are all the rage.