Beginner DSLR classes


Beginner DSLR classes

Moms with cameras



Do you struggle to take good photos at family events?

Did you just get a new fancy camera for Christmas and now need to learn how to use it?

Do you want to get out of Auto mode and into Manual mode on our big-girl camera?

Want to join other moms and learn how to use your fancy camera better?

Don't get overwhelmed by manuals and tough online classes.

Take my in depth, in-person course on how to use your camera and how to take better photos of your everyday activities!


You will learn:

  • Important camera elements

  • Exposure

  • Aperture (and aperture-priority mode)

  • Depth of field

  • Shutter speed

  • ISO capabilities

  • Focal length

  • The importance of prime lenses

  • Focus modes

  • Image quality

  • Basic lighting techniques

  • Basic composition techniques

  • Drive modes

  • Metering modes

  • MORE ISO capabilities

Level 2:

You will learn:

  • Exposure compensation

  • White Balance

  • More lighting techniques

  • Use of reflectors

  • Beginner posing tips

  • Changing perspectives


What you need:

  • MUST HAVE a basic DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera). Must be able to switch to manual settings where you can control ALL the aspects of the photo taken.

  • Camera does NOT need to have interchangeable lenses (although having interchangeable lenses is a plus)

  • MUST HAVE a users manual for your specific camera. (I cannot guarantee that I will understand your specific camera and how to access your menu functions. All cameras are alike in some fashions but not all. If you do not have your camera manual - there is usually a online resource to copy and print one for your exact camera.)

  • This is an all day event so bring your patience and sense of adventure and stay awhile!


Cost: $95 for level 1 OR $145 for both levels 1 and 2. Class limited to 5 people maximum. (Sign up with a friend and get $5 off for each of you.) Lunch included for those that sign up for both levels on the same day.

Class Date: January 26th 10am for Level 1 (Level 2 after lunch)

Class location: 421 E 2nd St Emmett, ID 83617

Registration begins: January 1st

Registration deadline: January 19th

Please contact me with any questions.