Saving your family adventures in 3 easy steps:

Mom and son walking down path between fall aspen trees and son is laughing in mom’s arms.

1. Pre-adventure

Consultation with me to discuss all the juicy details!

Little girl at farmer’s stand getting vegetables to take home with her holding basket.

2. adventure

Go on the adventure you have chosen and have fun!

Small girl standing in from of brother while he sits in a camping chair loving his dogs.

3. Post-adventure

Pick your images!

your three choices:

1.Annual Membership: $1,200 (most popular option)

3 seasons = 3 adventures

You pick three seasons you want your family photo adventures to take place and we schedule them as the year progresses. 

Receive $175 print credit per adventure (to total $525 for the year). 

One FREE 30 minute fall photo session for Holiday Cards (worth $125)

20% discount on all orders placed at using my special code

Payment plans available upon request.

**Contact me about adding a family film or substituting a film with one photo adventure.  

2. Family Photo Adventure: $400

You pick your favorite adventure and we schedule it in the appropriate season. 

Photo adventures typically last two hours but can range based on the adventure involved.

Receive $150 print credit. 

Payment plans available upon request.

*24 hour sessions available upon request. Contact me for special pricing.

3. Family Film Adventure: $975

Bringing to life the sights and the sounds of your adventure, family films are available currently as a download for sharing and viewing at your leisure. 

5 gift prints from the adventure included (largest being 8x10).

Receive $150 print credit.

Film adventures typically last as long as the adventure will take us (but normally about 2-5 hours)

Payment plans available upon request.